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Bring education businesses to AWS, get the most out of cloud technology


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Increase the scalability of the business

Ability to serve multiple people at the same time

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Easy administration

Data storage "centralized", easy to manage, use

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High security

Enhance security of information and data


Cost optimization

Cost according to use needs, optimal savings

Customer story

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"The software is deployed through Amazon S3, closely monitored by AWS CloudWatch Event, helping Vinschool take advantage of the feature of expanding the system according to usage needs, while still recognizing and responding promptly. with unusual system-wide changes."

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"When switching to AWS technology, the AWS infrastructure supports autoscale optimization from time to time. When it needs a lot, the system expands, when it needs less, the system shrinks, so OMT can avoid wasting server resources."


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Why choose OSAM?

OSAM is a senior strategic partner of Amazon Web Services in Vietnam and is certified by Amazon Web Services to fully meet professional and technical requirements to bring customers products and services with good quality. Best.


In addition, a team of consultants from OSAM are always ready to review for free to help your business quickly optimize costs.


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