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The success of transition to AWS of OMT with OSAM


OMT is an edtech corporation, led by the mission of creating a “biosystem" for education and training based on advanced technology After 10 years of establishment, OMT has built a variety of multidimensionally interactive management platforms, meeting different needs of different education levels, including: KidsOnline for kindergartens, CenterOnline for foreign language centers or SchoolOnline for multi-campus, multi-curricula schools. These platforms have been becoming more and more popular with a huge number of users. For instance, KidsOnline system is currently serving 1.200 kindergartens và 150.000 accounts everyday.


Initially, OMT built KidsOnline software using on-premise servers. However, since the number of kindergartens using the software increased, the capability of the operation system started putting pressure on technicians of the company.


Mr. Le Huy Long, COO of OMT said: "As the physical servers are unable to autoscale, we have to manually set up more servers to meet the high demand in some particular time periods. Hence, it will be uneconomical if OMT continues to use on-premise servers, as we cannot utilize the capability of the system we have initially invested in.” The challenge OMT confronted was how to smoothly and flexibly operate the system in the peak hours but within a reasonable budget.

On the other hand, system security - a pivotal factor of school management platforms - could not reach the standard OMT had set. However, the technical department of OMT did not have enough time as well as human resources to improve this, as the main resources were spent on system management and maintenance.


After researching eligible technology solutions, OMT decided to collaborate with OSAM - Public Sector partner of AWS, in order to migrate the KidsOnline platform onto the cloud environment of AWS.


First of all, solution architects of OSAM “packed" the application of KidsOnline in standardized containers using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to ensure the system compatibility when moving to another environment. EKS also enhanced the agility and availability of the system in the peak hours, since it was deployed on the elastic cloud computing EC2.


Additionally, EKS was integrated with ECR, allowing OMT to simplify the development and production workflows.


Moreover, to strengthen the security level, OSAM migrated the relational database of OMT onto Amazon RDS and set up AWS Secrets Manager so as to manage the access to secrets and secure the information by encryption keys.



Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud with just a few clicks.


Provides the most secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containerized applications using Kubernetes.


A fully managed container registry that makes it easy to store, manage, share, and deploy the container images


Secure and resizable compute capacity to support virtually any workload

AWS Secrets Manager

Easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials


Stable system, low latency, good security, ensuring high availability in providing services to preschool institutions

In case of a crash, it only takes about 1 minute to restore both the infrastructure and the database back to its original state.

Save the majority of infrastructure costs by saving initial items investment, reducing personnel costs for system management.

Get flexible scalability according to usage needs

When moving to AWS technology, AWS infrastructure supports auto-scaling optimization real-time. When it is needed more, the system automatically scale up by itself, when it is needed less it will be cut back

Mr. Le Huy Long

CEO KidsOnline

About OSAM and AWS

In 2020, apart from becoming an AWS Public Sector partner, OSAM stood a golden chance to collaborate with a range of Educational institutions and listen to their ambitions of using cloud computing as the leverage for the student success. These did motivate OSAM to take a further step to become an AWS Education Competency partner. Attaining Education Competency will facilitate OSAM to approach more educational institutions, help them to reinforce the IT system and enhance the efficiency of teaching, learning and administration activities.


         First AWS Well-architected
partners in Vietnam

We help our customers to apply best practices for their infrastructure, based on five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization

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