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VGS Shop's

Journey to cloud with OSAM


About VGS Shop

VGS Shop is the combination of GS SHOP - the leading Home shopping company of GS Group, Korea and ViVi Homeshopping of SonKim Group, Vietnam. It is the most prestigious shopping channel, broadcasting 24 hours on almost every national pay-TV systems. Together with professional staff and improved service quality daily, VGS Shop is committed to delivering reputable quality products of famous brands to everyone, every home with the best price and service.


OSAM has designed and built infrastructure architecture to connect 4 systems of VGS Shop: Call Center, Head Office Hanoi, Saigon, Warehouse

  • Implementing ERP system on AWS

  • Build a backup plan and backup data

  • 24/7 system administration to ensure the system is always running smoothly and troubleshooting as soon as a problem occurs.



To improve user experience and meet the increasing number of users, VGS Shop decided to move its system to AWS. 

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