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Report: 68% of orgs plan to rely more on AWS managed services in the next 12 months

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds are increasingly being used to advocate for cloud modernization. To create, grow, and optimize AWS systems, expertise and understanding of cloud platforms are relatively in short supply, which has made it difficult for many enterprises to achieve their cloud goals, or at least to do so as fast and affordably as they'd want. According to a recent study from 451 Research (a division of S&P Market Intelligence) commissioned by Mission Cloud Services, 68 percent of organizations using AWS report they plan to depend more on cloud managed or professional services over the course of the next 12 months in order to fill necessary gaps in AWS expertise. 950 AWS-using enterprises in North America were polled for the report.

The report emphasizes how important AWS is as a cloud service provider to the success of many companies. The number one reason firms use AWS is to boost the speed and agility of launching applications, according to 59% of respondents. Other important criteria include the wide range of cloud services offered by AWS (a motivating factor for 48% of enterprises employing AWS), the number of supported regions and availability zones (44%), and AWS' utility pricing model (41 percent ).

But when it comes to the AWS issues that businesses seek outside AWS knowledge and assistance with, 41% of respondents noted cloud performance and cost optimization, 39% said creating cloud-native apps, and 38% mentioned having trouble migrating from legacy infrastructure to AWS. The implementation of data lakes and other cloud modernization objectives like AWS's AI/ML ambitions were also mentioned as difficulties.

Surprisingly, the survey reveals that businesses who consider themselves competent customers of Amazon Web Services are really more motivated to rely on managed and professional cloud services. Among those that operate more than 80% of their workloads on AWS, 79% intend to increase their reliance on cloud managed services over the course of the following year. The same enthusiasm can be seen among respondents who identify as "technology early adopters," with 79 percent of them planning to increase their reliance on outside AWS assistance.

Source: VentureBeat


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