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Journey to cloud with OSAM


About Wegola

Wegolala is a mobile app designed for travel community, launched by AL Technology Company. This app provides travelers with map and traveling diary. To serve the communication needs, it has news feed, message function and more utilities. Wegolala app has connected million people over the world and brought them the best experience in traveling.

In the future, beside the app, they plan to develop a website in order to build an active and strong social community for travelers.


The strategic product of Wegolala for users is the application, so they just used API server system without the scalable capability. similarly, decoupled architecture was not set up to the system. Therefore, when the number of users rose significant, excessive requests to server would make the system overload. The same situation happened to the database when the traffic was extremely high.

In addition, CDN (content delivery networks) was not applied to link all servers together with the goal of delivering content and improving speed and connectivity. Therefore, their website would be easily overloaded and hang up, which brought bad experiences to the users of Wegolala.

“We are always aware of our weakness but never take a step to fix them, but those are falling out of control, so we know it's time we sought for the solutions. After gathering advices, cloud seems to be our best chance.” – said Nguyen Ngoc An, CTO of Wegolala.


Wegolala knew that AWS migration would help the company upgrade its system to fit the needs of customers and businesses. And thanks to  OSAM International Limited Company  (“OSAM”), their digital transformation has been more effective than ever.

OSAM carefully examined Wegolala's system to determine their strength and weakness. OSAM team took 2 weeks to assess and identify all of the problems so that to design a suitable cloud plan for Wegolala.

The best solutions for decoupling the system is to use S3, Application Load Balancer, EC2-Web Server,  Auto Scaling Group, RDS, Cloudwatch, CloudFront, Lambda, VPC and VPC Peering before migrating the entire system to AWS.

AWS Lambda lets the company run code without provisioning or managing servers. Therefore, the company pays only for the real time consuming – there is no charge when the code is not running.

Application Load Balancer helps distribute the application traffic across multiple targets, which provides more availability. Application Load Balancer is based on the thorough evaluation of requests, then applies appropriate rules to achieve the highest efficiency for application.

Through S3, Wegolala can store, use and analyze their data simply and efficiently. Especially, S3 availability is unmatched, offering the businesses' continuous expansion. Furthermore, S3 ensures Wegolala data is always safe with the security system that meets stringent regulatory requirements. S3 provides backup and recovery mechanisms through four different storage classes, which optimize costs and performance.



“We are glad that we have migrated to AWS. Now, the data is perfectly stored and retrieved. Our website is protected and rarely encounter any problems. We no longer receive negative feedback from our customers.” – said An.

Wegolala did not records bug reports after redesigning the system to AWS. The system now can adjust itself automatically based on the website traffic during different hours. This will not only help Wegolala decrease operation cost but also offer their users the best traveling experiences while using both the app and website.

With the international infrastructure of AWS, customers from many countries can access both website and application in a shorter time at a lower latency. Now, Wegolala can expand its customer base to the global level.

By migrating to cloud, Wegolala has set the stage for an ever-evolving, ever-expanding system. Applying AWS best practices, the company applying in a serverless future with constant availability and development.

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