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Journey to cloud with OSAM


About VinFast

As a subsidiary of Vingroup, VinFast is Vietnam's first bulk car & motobike  manufacturer. The company is currently developing and producing world-class innovative vehicles. In the journey of continuous innovation, VinFast wants to apply the most advanced technologies to optimize and deliver the highest quality products to customers.



With its car and motorbike product lines, VinFast requires to build an integrated system of IoT devices to collect and analyze data on vehicle status, maintenance, and positioning, which in order to optimize the management process and improve customer experience. With such a demand, VinFast must build an IoT Platform Backend system that is constant, reliable and can automatically expand quickly to meet a huge number of requests, especially during peak hours.


- OSAM has examined the working system of VinFast, estimated its suitability with Cloud-based technologies and built the optimal architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

- Deploying the system on AWS with various technologies such as EC2, EKS, Auto-scaling, Load Balancer, RDS, ...

- In addition, with engineers certified by AWS, OSAM has implemented two advanced solutions, which are WAF and Landing Zone to ensure that the system runs optimally on the Cloud platform.


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