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Optimizing the School Management Platform with OSAM and AWS


Vinschool is a not-for-profit K-12 education system, operating under and funded by its parent company, Vingroup. The objective of Vinschool is to build a Vietnamese school with the highest international standards, a place where talents are nurtured and developed. After 8 years in operation since its 2013 establishment, Vinschool has become the largest education system in Vietnam with 35 campuses, serving more than 30,000 students. Vinschool has taken an initial step in transforming Vietnamese education, both in curriculum and philosophy.



The rapid expansion requires Vinschool to establish a centralized IT system for critical activities, such as administrative management, teaching và learning management, logistics management, etc. In the past, Vinschool used a school management platform provided by a domestic cloud-based school management partner. However, relying on an IT outsourcing company hindered Vinschool from quickly deploying new software, which in turns negatively affects the operational efficiency as well as the satisfaction level of students and parents.


On the other hand, the idea of migrating and rebuilding the system on another environment by itself is quite infeasible, due to the time pressure and the limited IT human resource of Vinschool.


OSAM has built Vinschool with a powerful performance infrastructure to implement school management system. Specifically, OSAM has proposed Vinschool to use a variety of tools such as AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline to quickly and stably create, test and automatically deploy new software.


The softwares are deployed through Amazon S3, closely monitored by the AWS CloudWatch Event , helps Vinschool take advantage of the ability to expand the system according to their needs, while still recognizing and promptly responding to abnormal changes across the system. In addition, AWS CloudFormation is also used to quickly and consistently monitor a wide range of different resources.

By applying best practices on AWS, we are helping Vinschool scale up to serve students quickly, by taking full advantage of AWS RDS services, AWS Autoscaling, AWS Elasticache, the system is also easily managed and minimizes the hardware limitations as encountered in the physical infrastructure.

In addition, the security issue is also promoted by OSAM with this customer, With the use of advanced security services such as: AWS Security Hub, AWS Cloud Trail along with efforts to support customers with a single architecture healthy on AWS, so the system is secure and can easily detect and prevent attacks or security anomalies on AWS.


AWS CodeBuild

Code Deploy

AWS Code Pipeline

AWS CloudWatch

Continuous integration and delivery for fast and stable infrastructure and application updates

Provides in-depth information about the operating status, helping users to respond promptly to system changes

Automate code deployment, avoiding downtime during deployment

Automatically compiles source code, tests and produces software packages



Save 70% installation and maintenance cost

Save 70% installation and maintenance cost


Save 70% installation and maintenance cost

Get flexible scalability according to usage needs

About OSAM and AWS

In 2020, apart from becoming an AWS Public Sector partner, OSAM stood a golden chance to collaborate with a range of Educational institutions and listen to their ambitions of using cloud computing as the leverage for the student success. These did motivate OSAM to take a further step to become an AWS Education Competency partner. Attaining Education Competency will facilitate OSAM to approach more educational institutions, help them to reinforce the IT system and enhance the efficiency of teaching, learning and administration activities.


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partners in Vietnam

We help our customers to apply best practices for their infrastructure, based on five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization

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