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Journey to cloud with OSAM

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About Tima

With an initial investment of VND 150 billion, TIMA has entered the technology financial market since 2015 as the first peer-to-peer technology provider (P2P) in Vietnam. In June 2016, TIMA began providing consulting services and financial connections, providing simple, fast and reliable financial advisory services to customers to quality. Up to now, TIMA has successfully raised US$ 3 million from the Foreign Fund Belt Road Capital Management, raising the company's valuation to nearly VND 500 billion.


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To improve user experience and develop many new products, Tima needs to develop a data processing/analysis system and financial credit rating of customers, supporting the instant  loan approval decisions in less than 30 minutes. The Big Data System is expected to process more than 5,000 applications a day after the first year.


- OSAM has conducted the establishment of architectural components including information acquisition systems, mobile API systems, ETL Systems, and Machine Learning systems.

- Using Amazon S3 and Amazon Glue to build Data Lake.

- Using WorkFlow, Athena, EMR, Lambda to convert data.

- Migrating part of the system to Amazon Web Services.


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