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Sapo X's

Journey to cloud with OSAM


About Sapo X

SapoX is a omnichannel sales platform which possesses many advanced features. With the ability to integrate fully with various platforms, SapoX helps clients sell on all channels from stores, websites, social network to reputable e-commerce in Vietnam and centralized management in one place.

Due to its special feature, this platform requires a large and highly stable server system so that it can be competitive in the market.


When we started with Sapo X, they were having huge physical server system which were largely run on Windows. This asked the company to spend an enormous amount of budget on infrastructure management and centralized operation system.

Sapo X is a strategic product in long term, therefore they want to have centralized infrastructure control, minimize operation cost in long term and scalable. In addtion, it urges a need to test the product thoroughly on the cloud before deploying the product to all current customers.


After investigating the current physical system and identifying paint points, OSAM redesigned the system on Cloud, using the most optimal service such as RDS, Elastic Search, ElastiCache, Code Delay, Code build, Code pipeline, Cloud Front, S3..., Auto-Scaling. 


After that, OSAM moved part of the system to AWS to examine the outcome before migrating the whole system to AWS.


We also set up data restore and backup methods for EC2 and RDS.


The entire system has been redesigned to AWS platform so that it can run stably. After migrating, the operation cost including maintenance, labour cost,... are reduced largely, which enhances the productivity and management efforts scale up to 70%.

Besides, the system has been highly available in order to provides enough data transaction during peak hours.

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