(Part 2) AWS re:Invent: Top Announcements for 2020

Check out the first part of our AWS re:Invent 2020 highlights here.


Amazon EKS Distro: The Kubernetes Distribution Used by Amazon EKS

AWS has learned a lot while providing Amazon EKS at AWS and have developed a deep understanding of how to deliver Kubernetes with operational security, stability, and reliability. Today AWS is sharing Amazon EKS Distro, which AWS built using that knowledge. EKS Distro is a distribution of the same version of Kubernetes deployed by Amazon EKS, which you can use to manually create your own Kubernetes clusters anywhere you choose.

Amazon ECR Public: A New Public Container Registry

You have long been able to host private container images on AWS with Amazon Elastic Container Registry, and now with the release of Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public, you can host public ones too, enabling anyone (with or without an AWS account) to browse and pull your published containers.

Preview of AWS Proton – Automated Management for Container and Serverless Deployments

Maintaining hundreds – or sometimes thousands – of microservices with constantly changing infrastructure resources and configurations is a challenging task for even the most capable teams. AWS Proton enables infrastructure teams to define standard templates centrally and make them available for developers in their organization. This allows infrastructure teams to manage and update infrastructure without impacting developer productivity.

Customer Engagement

Amazon Connect – Now Smarter and More Integrated With Third-Party Tools

AWS launched Amazon Connect in 2017 and, since then, thousands of customers have created their own contact centers in the cloud. Amazon Connect makes it easy for non-technical customers to design interaction flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics. Today, AWS announced a new set of capabilities to make Amazon Connect smarter and more integrated with third-party tools.

Front-End AWSb and Mobile

New AWS Amplify Admin UI Helps You Develop App Backends, No Cloud Experience Required

With Amplify Admin UI, developers can build complex and feature-rich apps by focusing on their domain-specific data model instead of spending hours deploying and stitching together cloud infrastructure.

Machine Learning

New- Amazon DevOps Guru Helps Identify Application Errors and Fixes

Today, AWS is announcing Amazon DevOps Guru, a fully managed operations service that makes it easy for developers and operators to improve application availability by automatically detecting operational issues and recommending fixes.

Amazon Lookout for Equipment Analyzes Historical Sensor Data to Help Detect Equipment Failure

Companies that operate industrial equipment are constantly working to improve operational efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime due to component failure. Amazon Lookout for Equipment is an API-based machine learning (ML) service that detects abnormal equipment behavior and helps companies monitor the health of their assets.

Amazon Lookout for Vision Simplifies Defect Detection for Manufacturing

Lookout for Vision is a new machine learning service that helps increase industrial product quality and reduce operational costs by automating visual inspection of product defects across production processes. Using Lookout for Vision, you can detect damages to manufactured parts, identify missing components or parts, and uncover underlying process-related issues in your manufacturing lines.

AWS Panorama Appliance – Bringing Computer Vision Applications to the Edge

Today AWS previewed the AWS Panorama Appliance and its associated console. You can now develop a computer vision model using Amazon SageMaker and then deploy it to a Panorama Appliance that can then run the model on video feeds from multiple network and IP cameras.

Amazon Monitron is a Simple and Cost-Effective Service Enabling Predictive Maintenance

Monitron is an easy and cost-effective condition monitoring service that allows you to monitor the condition of equipment in your facilities, enabling the implementation of a predictive maintenance program.


New – Amazon S3 Replication Adds Support for Multiple Destination Buckets

S3 Replication (multi-destination) removes the need for you to develop your own solutions to replicate the data across multiple destinations. You can use the flexibility of S3 Replication (multi-destination) to store multiple copies of your data in different storage classes, with different encryption types, or across different accounts depending on its intended use.

Amazon S3 Update – Strong Read-After-Write Consistency

With this S3 update, all S3 GET, PUT, and LIST operations, as AWSll as operations that change object tags, ACLs, or metadata, are now strongly consistent. What you write is what you will read, and the results of a LIST will be an accurate reflection of what’s in the bucket.

Now in Preview – Larger and Faster io2 Block Express EBS Volumes with Higher Throughput

Earlier this year AWS launched io2 volumes with 100x higher durability and 10x more IOPS/GiB than the earlier io1 volumes. Today AWS is opening up a preview of io2 Block Express volumes that are designed to deliver even higher performance!

New – Amazon EBS gp3 Volume Lets You Provision Performance Apart From Capacity

When using general purpose SSD gp2 volumes with EBS, performance is associated with storage capacity. Today AWS announced the new gp3 volume that lets customers increase IOPS and throughput without having to provision additional block storage capacity, paying only for the resources they need.

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