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OSAM Announces Partnership with SecuriChain: A Safe Digitization Journey for Blockchain Businesses

OSAM and SecuriChain officially announced to become strategic partners in the field of network security and cloud computing, promising to bring optimal and safe services to all Vietnamese blockchain enterprises on the journey. to the clouds".

Last April, 2022, OSAM and SecuriChain officially announced to become strategic partners in the field of cloud computing and network security. Realizing the rise and boom of cloud-based blockchain businesses and projects in Vietnam in recent years, accompanied by great security challenges in the blockchain field, OSAM and SecuriChain aspire to. This partnership will support and develop together to build optimal and safe experiences for all customers on their "digitization" journey.

In addition, blockchain technology in Vietnam is more and more popular and developed, the market is expanding, this cooperation also marks a development, a new step in the technology market, especially in the field of technology. blockchain in Vietnam by both companies.

Some pictures from the signing ceremony of cooperation between OSAM and SecuriChain.

About OSAM and SecuriChain

OSAM is a senior partner of Amazon Web Services in Vietnam, specializing in consulting and providing AWS cloud computing solutions in Asia today. OSAM has always developed with the mission of bringing cloud technology closer to every Vietnamese business, helping every customer take advantage of the potential of the cloud and keep pace with the world's rapid digital transformation. The main OSAM services provided include: Cloud consulting services, cloud migration, cloud optimization, cloud management services, and AWS billing and invoicing services.

On the side of SecuriChain, is a pioneer in the field of testing for blockchain projects on cloud computing platforms in Vietnam. Backed by IceTea Labs and CyRadar, two names in the field of “launchers for blockchain companies” and information security. SecuriChain consists of a group of experts with many years of experience in the field of penetration testing, malware scanning, troubleshooting for large information systems in Vietnam. Many experts of SecuriChain have been honored at the Hall of Fame after finding serious vulnerabilities of many technology giants in the world such as PayPal, Apple...

Increased demand leads to cooperation

In the past two years, we have witnessed a lot of negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Vietnamese economy, digital transformation and new modern technologies are therefore mentioned and implemented sooner. expected a lot in Vietnamese enterprises. One of them must mention blockchain technology, which exploded strongly during the pandemic, applied in many fields: banking and finance, education, agriculture, health... and is widely implemented on the platform. cloud platform. It can be seen that the appearance of more and more blockchain projects and businesses on the cloud platform in the past 2 years and there are still signs of a stronger increase in the following years when businesses all receive see the significant benefits that blockchain technology or cloud computing brings.

However, evolving technology always comes with security risks. Security is also one of the big reasons why many businesses are still hesitant to approach blockchain technology and move to the cloud even though they are aware of the benefits that these technologies bring. This is also a big challenge for businesses when deploying blockchain projects on the cloud platform.

It is the urgent need for security when applying blockchain technology on the cloud platform in Vietnam that has partly promoted the cooperation of OSAM and SecuriChain, with the goal of bringing together solutions and services. safe transformation on the way of "digitizing the economy" for all customers.

“Conversion always comes with risks, especially with blockchain, the field is new and customers still have many concerns. Therefore, we need more advanced and smarter security measures to bring peace of mind to customers. I am very happy and looking forward to the cooperation with SecuriChain this time. We always aim for optimal and safe solutions and services for all customers, so that businesses can be more confident and bold in accessing new technologies.” - According to Mr. Duong Vu Minh - Co-founder and business director of OSAM.

This successful cooperation promises to bring many innovations and optimizations in the service of OSAM and Securichain to customers. For more information about blockchain security services and cloud transformation, please contact OSAM for detailed support.

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