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Windows Server is a common choice for businesses in Vietnam as well as all over the world. It results in the replacement of physical servers: Cloud Computing. Of all the cloud providers, AWS is the pioneer in services and products to match customers'  needs.

  1. According to IDC, 57% of Windows Server users run their workload on AWS. What is the reason behind this?

  2. Which infrastructure is appropriate for Microsoft Workload? Migration methods? Microsoft licensing  and deployment options?


  • Event “Passport to Cloud for Windows Server” will answer the questions above to draw an overview picture of Windows Server and AWS.

  • Moreover, under the perception of Cloud experts, you will receive a “survival kit” when migrating to AWS.

  • Case study sharing from Mr. Nguyen Phuc Thinh - CTO of

1. Overview of Windows Server market share: Trend and challenges
2. Why AWS is the optimal option for Windows Server?
3. Windows Server to AWS: from A to Z
4. Monitoring Windows using Cloudwatch Agent
5. The case study of
6. Windows Server Rapid Migration Program 2019

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