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OSAM International Co. Ltd.

Our Partners

We are co-partners with the top notch technology service providers to ensure our clients receive end-to-end solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform that helps businesses scale and grow. Since its founded time, millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions worldwide.

As AWS Advanced Partner, OSAM gains access to exclusive technical training programs and business opportunities. In addition, we are given in-depth consultation provided by AWS experts on OSAM’s case studies.


As a partner of GCP, we are allowed build on products to develop innovative solutions, creating new opportunities for our customers and expanding what’s possible in the cloud.We will help you meet your technical and business needs.

As a Google Cloud Partner, we have access to an engaged network of Technology and Services Partners. We can use Google’s products to help enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter, stay secure, and do more with data than ever before.


Horangi is a cost-effective and reliable cyber security platform designed to help senior leaders, developers, and security professionals. Therefore, their services enhance users who lack the scale, expertise, and time to protect their company from cyber threats and attacks. Up to now, Horangi has reached out to help millions of customers through their 7 branches worldwide. 

Together Horangi helps OSAM clients develop cloud-based database security on the cloud.


WEBSTEP is a Norwegian IT consultancy company established in 2000, WEBSTEP provides services to more than 250 different companies across both private and public sectors in Norway and Sweden. 

We have signed an agreement to collaborate on customer projects, helping customers and speeding up our deliveries in the Nordics and EU market. 


Trobz is a leading company in the field of consulting and implementing OpenERP / Odoo systems. Trobz have been OpenERP/Odoo integrators for more than 10 years, with dozens of successful projects, from small implementations of a few weeks, to large multi-years implementations. 

Since we collaborate, OSAM & Trobz equip each other to develop OpenERP / Odoo deployment and management tools on the cloud for OSAM & Trobz clients.


DG-IFF is a IT consulting services provider, featuring Hybrid Cloud and information management services in the Asia Pacific region. Their office lies in Singapore, along with many others in Asian such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia…

Hence, DG-IFF provides supports to OSAM in consulting, deployment, management of Hybrid Cloud systems and data management for clients.


NewRelic is a server monitoring and analysis service. Its services include measuring for the speed, reporting errors occurring during using without access to the server. The company has brought solutions to over 15.000 business enterprises in 100+ nations.

As we are collaborated, OSAM use New Relic’s Real-time Analytics tool to analyze, manage, and optimize a customer’s system.


With more than 14 years of strong development, VinaData support their ecosystem of more than 120 million customers, across 232 countries and territories.

As a partner of VinaData, can use VinaData’s products to help enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter, stay secure, and do more with data than ever before.


Symbee is a new breed of developers and consultative experts; obsessed with delivering business outcomes that are focused on the Agent and Customer experience.

As a strategic partner, Symbee can provide OSAM potential customers if they have the demand for system migration consulting, architecture, optimizing..

In return, OSAM can refer Symbee product to potential customers in order to together provide comprehensive services.


As a leading Amazon Web Services Cloud Solutions Provider, Cloud Daddy supports customers across hybrid cloud environments as they merge their existing corporate and cloud computing environments.

Cloud Daddy connects OSAM with potential customers having the demand for system migration consulting, architecture, optimizing. Regarding database and big data, Cloud Daddy’s services is considered as the first priority choice for customers, which provides a comprehensive services.

Galera Cluster provides high availability, no-data-loss and scalable data replication and clustering solutions for open source databases.

Since we collaborate, OSAM & Galera Cluster equip each other to deliver database management solutions on cloud and fullfill customer needs.

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