Journey to cloud with OSAM


About OnSky

OnSky is a foreign company located in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, America) and serves customers in APAC & EU regions. OnSky is an USA manufacturer and provider of comprehensive smart house solutions that can be used in homes and commercial & industrial buildings. OnSky redefines smart home with its proprietary and breakthrough technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hybrid-Mesh™ and OnSky Cloud that optimize security, safety, comfort and energy saving for user's home and family.


Onsky's goal in the next 12 months is to expand their business continuously both in infrastructure and digital system. However, their current cloud prevented them from achieving their goal as it had stumbled with database flow problems and the system could not refresh the database notifications. With no notice, Onsky could not monitor their database or receive warnings when encountering external and internal threats.

Moreover, Onsky system capacity only allowed for up to 1000 connections. This was a tiny number compared to cloud-based businesses. Onsky could not handle a large number of requests at the same time, which hindered their development and expansion later.

Finally, their system was unable to decouple and lack the scaling ability. “The fact that the system could not scale up their connections was a large hindrance to our rapid business growth plan.” – said ABC, CEO of OnSky.


To accomplish their objectives, Onsky realized cloud computing integration is crucial. At that moment, they were searching for a reliable and efficient cloud platform. Thanks to consistent efforts, they finally discovered the best solution – AWS Cloud Services and consulted with  OSAM International Limited Company  (“OSAM”) about its best practices.

Working side-by-side with OnSky team for 2 weeks, OSAM had redesigned the system structure to eliminate problems of old system. OSAM has reevaluated and redeveloped its cloud infrastructure technology from architecture level to a higher dimension in both convenience and reliability, enabling users to use cloud services in a safe and secure manner.

They also  decoupled components from website, application and DB. Decoupling makes the interaction between electrical components so weak that there is little undesired transfer of energy between them. A decoupled application architecture allows each component to perform its tasks independently and remain completely autonomous.

Along with that, database was optimized and migrated to cloud. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, which minimizes downtime to applications that rely on the database.

MQTT mosquitto is not compatible with a fast growing system as it has many limitations in both scaling ability and connection handling capacity, so it is replaced by other MQTT broker. This reduced workload for the system because of accurate resource allocations. OSAM experts also applied Autoscaling to all components, which elevated the scalability of MQTT, Communication Service, and Notification Services during different peak hours.



Serving more than 1000 connections simultaneously

OnSky now is capable to serve over 1500 connections at a time and auto-scale thanks to the new MQTT Broker. “We were struggling to manage different server systems to distribute 1000 connections.” – said ABC – “Now, with AWS services, our business growth plan has become more achievable than ever and we are ready for it.”

Cutting operation cost by 40% a year

OnSky saves more money by taking advantage of AWS services. “By using AWS, we minimize our budget by 40% a year.” – said ABC. AWS services allow the system to auto-scale up and down according to requests. In addition, no records of system failure appeared after the system was migrated to AWS, which helps OnSky cut down budget on unexpected bugs.

Reducing the risk of system failure to 2%

By decoupling the system and applying AWS best practices, Onsky system is ensuring to minimize downtime, optimizing business performance and revenue. ABC is extremely proud of Onsky innovative new system: “We believe that a business success is shaped by the customer satisfaction. With AWS, users will experience all of our top-notch services with low latency and constant operation.”


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