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14:00 | 02/03/2020

We are pleased to announce that WEBSTEP and OSAM have become strategic partners in the field of Cloud computing . The EU target market is the most crucial for this partnership. We stand on the same field, take the same position and perspective to move forward to an open future with many development opportunities in the European market. After successful cooperation, we, OSAM and WEBSTEP, will develop together in this market, share difficulties, and bring enterprises the best cloud computing solutions.

Partly due to the experience with supporting customers across multiple industries and areas and the philosophy that strives for long-term relationships and user-friendly digital solutions, OSAM believes that WEBSTEP fits perfectly with the vision of OSAM for the future and OSAM sees the future bright and promising with WEBSTEP as the newest solution partner.


About WEBSTEP, a Norwegian IT consultancy company established in 2000, WEBSTEP provides services to more than 250 different companies across both private and public sectors in Norway and Sweden. The customer base includes banking, finance and insurance, public administration, IT and telecommunication, commerce and transportation. Webstep provides, though their 350 highly skilled and experienced consultants, consultancy services like strategy and architectural advisory, program- and project management, training, systems design and development, integration and migration services. As AWS Advanced Partner WEBSTEP also provides training classes, Well-Architected Reviews as well as resell of the AWS platform. 

"After getting to know OSAM some years back, I am very happy we have signed an agreement to collaborate on customer projects, helping customers and speeding up our deliveries in the Nordics" - Arne Solheim - WEBSTEP Advisor and CoE Manager 


 Every successful journey starts with the right partner. That is our motto to bring the end to end services to customers, leverage the business every day, expand the market together.  

"In the wake of knowing each other for certain years, we are glad to have signed an arrangement with Webstep on further cooperation helping clients in Europe" - said OSAM CEO Ho Viet Anh

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