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Optimizing the School Management Platform with OSAM and AWS

Vinschool is a not-for-profit K-12 education system, operating under and funded by its parent company, Vingroup. The objective of Vinschool is to build a Vietnamese school with the highest international standards, a place where talents are nurtured and developed. After 8 years in operation since its 2013 establishment, Vinschool has become the largest education system in Vietnam with 35 campuses, serving more than 30,000 students. Vinschool has taken an initial step in transforming Vietnamese education, both in curriculum and philosophy.

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At the time of its establishment, when the cloud platform was unknown, Mcredit used a physical infrastructure system. However, in order to meet the goal of fast growth and reach a large customer base of Vietnamese people, especially people with modest incomes, MCredit alsobegan to explore more advanced technology transfer options, as well as optimized platforms for deploying new applications in a short time.  


The enterprise has 10 major projects planned​​ delivered in 2021, at this level of productivity they may never reach running on on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, build and deployment times for machine learning (ML) models in the data center are often slow, with limited scalability and memory footprint. Enterprises frequently face downtime in their data centers, and their systems often crash during peak loads when computing resources cannot scale.


In addition, Mcredit aims to grow its customer base to 1/10 of Vietnam's population, about 10 million people. And the problem is how to make the system operate smoothly and ensure security when the number of users spikes in a short period of time while ensuring a reasonable budget.


Faced with technology challenges and fast growth goals, Mcredit chose AWS, partnered with OSAM to deploy its IT system migration to the cloud with AWS, using many services such as: storage, computing, computing. accounting, data management, optimal cost management, security, identity & compliance.


OSAM helped Mcredit complete its transition to AWS in March 2021, using the AWS cloud architectures Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) for orchestration. We also use Amazon Elasticsearch Service as a fully managed search solution based on its technology. Managed services and ideas​​ The Kubernetes architecture on AWS helps ensure rapid deployment and faster time to market for every Mcredit project.


OSAM has outlined a detailed data migration and security strategy to kick-start Mcredit's transition. We deploy AWS Direct Connect with native encryption controls to protect data in transit and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for secure network connectivity. AWS subscribes to the highest compliance controls such as the [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard] PCI DSS and ensures the security of Mcredit's processes, systems, and solutions.


Deploy AWS Auto Scaling, automatically scaling capacity to maintain consistent system performance for Mcredit, and address downtime issues and overload issues when their resources can't scale in time .

"OSAM & AWS have assisted us in rapidly transforming our business model and technology, helping us to accelerate building and bringing new products to market."

Nguyen Manh Khang,

Chief Information Officer, MB Shinsei Finance (Mcredit)


AWS CodeBuild

Code Deploy

AWS Code Pipeline

AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudFormation

Automatically compiles source code, tests and produces software packages

Automate code deployment, avoiding downtime during deployment

Continuous integration and delivery for fast and stable infrastructure and application updates

Provides in-depth information about the operating status, helping users to respond promptly to system changes

Provides fast, easy, and automated resource collection and management


Migrating to AWS has optimized the required process time, from proposal creation to final infrastructure setup, from four months to three weeks on AWS, facilitating conducive to innovation throughout the company. Within three months of the transition, Mcredit launched a mobile app for customers to schedule and track their payments. The development team has also added a new feature that allows customers to apply for new loans directly in the app, which is expected​​ will improve overall customer retention rates.

Mcredit also reports greater availability and stability on the AWS cloud platform, allowing the company to serve customers at any time of the day. Enterprises have frequently faced downtime with their data centers in the past, and their systems often crash during peak loads when computing resources are not scalable. Following the migration, Mcredit implemented AWS Auto Scaling, which automatically scales capacity to maintain consistent system performance.


​​ By moving to a cloud-based data warehouse and database administration, the company reduced its technical debt and transitioned to a cost of operations (opex) model, avoiding the hardware and licensing fee increases that were not otherwise will be subject to the previous database system.

About OSAM and AWS

In 2020, apart from becoming an AWS Public Sector partner, OSAM stood a golden chance to collaborate with a range of Educational institutions and listen to their ambitions of using cloud computing as the leverage for the student success. These did motivate OSAM to take a further step to become an AWS Education Competency partner. Attaining Education Competency will facilitate OSAM to approach more educational institutions, help them to reinforce the IT system and enhance the efficiency of teaching, learning and administration activities.


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