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Journey to cloud with OSAM


About Maraz

Maraz is a comprehensive Email Marketing tool  created by the leading product development team in the region. With the mission to optimize the customer service of our clients, Maraz is proud to be the fastest, cheapest and most user-friendly email marketing application.


Three outstanding key points of Maraz:

  • Easy to create and send emails in a short time.

  • Measuring  which content the recipient is most interested in the email.

  • Filtering  email list effectively to remove fake and no longer used emails.


Maraz guarantees to provide the best, most suitable, and most effective Email Marketing service for businesses in Vietnam.



- Dev environment is also the POC and test condition for customers, this lack of clear separation of environments makes it difficult for Maraz to demonstrate.

- The development  team regularly has to release  new versions, but deploying to AWS infrastructure is difficult due to the combination of EC2 and Serverless, and this task is usually manually.

⁃ Security factors have not been paid enough attention, creating risks for the system when the demand for expansion is increasing.



To identify the most suitable solution for Maraz, OSAM experts had a current infrastructure assessment and new direction for Maraz. The results achieved by Maraz have been properly optimized according to 5 "Well-Architected Program" standards.

⁃ Deploying additional pre-production and staging environment, incorporating automatic shutdown feature when there is no need to use to save costs for Maraz.

⁃ Built-in CICD system that supports EC2 and AWS Lambda virtual machines optimize the deployment process and reduce the number of repetitive manual tasks completely.

⁃ Has set up security and safety from the infrastructure, AWS service comes in the application.

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