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Journey to cloud with OSAM


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About Homedy was founded in 2015 by seasoned co-founders in the Internet and mobile industry, along with a team of professional editors — enthusiastic, leading experts in real estate sector. With the target of providing a comprehensive digital marketing solution for the real estate market, Homedy aims to be the leading real estate company on the Internet and mobile market in Vietnam & the world.

Moving to the cloud is a part of Homedy's plan to create strong IT system to expand the market in 2019. In their journey, they will develop IT infrastructure with public cloud (AWS) to upgrade customer care system and analyze customers' behavior. Homedy will also improve their email marketing delivery for their customers.


In the past, Homedy website system put Redis and Webserver together at the same place, which was risky. If one suffered from defects, the whole server would go down. Furthermore, having one or two physical servers prevents the system from auto-scaling during rush hours with lots of access requests simultaneously.

Due to the lack of database master-slave replication, the system could not spread the load among multiple slaves to

Improve performance. Without master-slave mechanism, the server temporarily crippled whenever the traffic was overloaded. In addition, the website did not have load balancing to divide requests to different servers.

Moreover, the lack of server scalability charged the company the same amount of money on the entire server during both peaks and normal times, which caused budget waste.

"We cannot maintain a situation in which we lose the benefit. If we want to expand our physical server system." — said Vu Minh Hieu, CTO of Homedy.



Listening for the customer request, OSAM carefully examined the condition of the system and suggested the most optimal cloud plan to Homedy. OSAM identified the weaknesses of physical server and then helped customer to make an important decision to migrate all the system to the cloud.

OSAM also calculates the total cost of ownership including: preparation, launching, maintaining and extra spendings, to help both sides determine the direct and indirect costs of the project.

Our team together redesigned the cloud infrastructure of entire system in AWS and used the managed services Application Load Balancer, EC2 — WebServer, Auto Scaling Group, S3, Cloud Watch, Elasticache.


"Thanks to OSAM, our system was successfully migrated to AWS, now it could adapt to our enormous workload without crashing or freezing. This is totally an amazing news to us!" — Vu Minh Hieu said. "Furthermore, Homedy's infrastructure is now ready for big data & analytics implementation."

Auto Scaling helps the system work effectively in rush hours. The system can distribute requests to many servers to avoid overloading during the peak hours master-slave replication,. This allows Homedy to lower their operation cost and ensure no negative customers' experiences on the accommodation options. Plus, since cloud migration reduces the operation cost by half, Homedy now can invest more on other plans such as HR and Marketing to promote their services.

Migrating to AWS also enables Homedy to enhance its privacy and security as the whole system is protected from external attacks.

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