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Google Cloud Platform with OSAM

Google Cloud Platform is secure, global, productive, cost-effective and constantly improving
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Top benefits of Cloud Computing

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Eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software, setting up and running on-site datacenters.

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Vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks, giving businesses a lot of flexibility.

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Global scale

Delivering the right amount of IT resources right when they’re needed, and from the right geographic location.

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Worldwide network of secure datacenters, which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware, reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale.

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Removes the need for many “racking and stacking” tasks —hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management chores, so IT teams can spend time on achieving more important business goals.

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Makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive.

Offer a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen security posture overall, helping protect data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.

Uses of Cloud Computing


Create new apps and services

Quickly build, deploy, and scale applications—web, mobile, and API—on any platform. Access the resources you need to help meet performance, security, and compliance requirements.


Test and build applications

Reduce application development cost and time by using cloud infrastructures that can easily be scaled up or down.


Store, back up, and recover data


Analyze data

Protect data at a reasonable cost and at scale by moving
transfer the system's data over the Internet to a cloud storage with
accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Unify your data across teams, divisions, and locations in the cloud. Then use cloud services, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to uncover insights for more informed decisions.


Stream audio and video

Connect with your audience anywhere, anytime, on any device with high-definition video and audio with global distribution.


Embed Intelligence

Use intelligent models to help engage customers and provide valuable insights from the data captured.



Monthly pricing plan with the minimum usage is ten minutes which is rounded off to the nearest minute.

Committed Use Discounts scheme allows customers to purchase “a specific amount of vCPUs and memory for up to a 57% discount off of regular prices” if they commit usage for either 1 or 3 years and all virtual machines are included under usage.

Google has also committed to its users that it will pass on any price reductions that the company will achieve due to an enhancement of technology.


Live migration

Compared to other services, Google offers live migration of virtual machines between host machines, which allows businesses to be up and running 24/7 without any hindrance in performance.

Live maintenance allows the company to repair and update software including security-related programs without rebooting the machines.



Faster Cable system helps Google to provide Google Cloud and Google App customers speed up to 10Tbs (Terabits per second).

Google is one of the six members that have access to the cable lies under the Pacific Ocean covering entire US west coast and all the main cities in Japan and connecting with major hubs in Asia.

Google is also known for providing low-latency network infrastructure.


Big data

While Amazon Web Services is best known for its compute and infrastructure, Azure for its OS, Google stands out because of its data analytics.

Google’s innovative tools cloud warehousing such as Google BigQuery, and batch and real-time data processing tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Dataproc can provide some great insights and help to process massive amounts of data at super-fast speeds.

Roadmap to Google Cloud Platform with OSAM

Requirements gathering

We will collect basic information about the technical system of your business.

Free consulting with GCP Experts

We have experts and engineers certified by Google Cloud Platform that will provide effective strategies and solutions for the current situation that your system is experiencing.

Free a consulting session valuing $1000.

After perceiving the situation and providing advisory, we will support to apply incentive programs appropriate for your needs as well as the scale of your current system (refund based on GCP billings up to $10000).

Deploying solutions

After giving appropriate solutions, our professional engineers will assist you in the journey of technology transformation which is moving from the current system to Google Cloud Platform effectively with the most optimal cost.

Moreover, you may have the opportunity to experience and deploy services on GCP through free additional workshops & POC.

System optimization

We always want to support customers in the long run by providing optimal support for your infrastructure so that you can adequately leverage resources on Google Cloud Platform as well as solve common problems - cost and security.

Managed services

We provide system management support packages to ensure that your system operates efficiently and securely.

Get free consulting from our experts

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