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Amidst the chaos of Covid-19 in 2020, many schools and educational institutions in Vietnam were temporarily closed, which resulted in the upsurge of online learning and remote working. Consequently, many clients in the education sector have reached out to OSAM for cloud computing solutions in order to scale up and ensure the high availability of IT infrastructure.


As an AWS Public Sector Partner, OSAM have been investing significant resources in designing, deploying and optimizing the cloud computing infrastructure for education-based clients, helping them leverage the teaching and studying quality by advanced technology of AWS.


Cloud Advisory Service

Assess current applications, infrastructure and organization readiness to build a Cloud Strategy tailored for each educational institution

Cloud Migration and Deployment Service

Migrate and deploy applications on AWS EC2, ECS or EKS from anywhere, regardless of on-premise environment or other public cloud providers

Cloud Optimization Service

Optimize performance, cost and security of the system using AWS Well-Architected tools.

DevOps Service

Automate deployment processes and minimize risk by AWS CI/CD tools such as AWS CloudFormation, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, facilitate schools and edtech companies to focus on developing new applications

OSAM helped Vinschool to migrate the outsourced school management system onto the AWS environment fast and securely, which in turn increased the speed of CI/CD process by 1.5 times.

After joining in the Well - Architected Program implemented by OSAM, OMT can provide high availability for its educational applications including KidsOnline, SchoolOnline.

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