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Journey to the cloud with OSAM


About Anycar

Anycar Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established on November 10, 2010. At that time, the birth of Anycar met the soaring demand of the Vietnamese automobile market. Understanding the automotive needs of many Vietnamese families and understanding that many families cannot afford to own a new car, Anycar focuses on the used car market. In addition, the company also provides customers with vehicle quality inspection, used car valuation and auto repair services.

Through the process of formation and continuous development, now, the company has expanded to 4 large branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Anycar hopes to continue to develop its business model and become a leader in the auto trading market by integrating digital transformation into its system.


Anycar's strategy is to provide dedicated and attentive automotive services to customers, thereby acquiring a large loyal customer base and continuing to attract new customers. Therefore, Anycar needs a perfect system and website with a friendly interface to take care of customers meticulously. In particular, with the plan to expand the market nationwide, the company needs a flexible and stable IT infrastructure system.

Anycar uses a common physical server to store all data, references as well as customer information. This system has a low load capacity and can only be extended vertically and is prone to failure, which can lead to jeopardizing system-wide data.


The company's website also does not have a load balancing system, causing the website to be congested during peak hours when there are many customers accessing it.

A major disadvantage for Anycar is that it has not yet used a CDN to host static content and deliver services to customers. The system also has not applied the CDN firewall mechanism, so it regularly records data loss.


OSAM's experienced team of experts, combined with Anycar's IT team, surveyed the system and analyzed its weaknesses. Within 2 weeks, we found out the disadvantages of the old system and came up with solutions to help Anycar optimize costs.

After considering ways to redesign the system, the OSAM and Anycar team jointly decided to migrate the entire system to AWS. To be able to solve the disadvantages and help the system operate better, OSAM supports Anycar to calculate costs and apply management services such as Route 53, WAF, Application Load Balancer,  EC2 – WebServer, Auto Scaling Group, RDS, S3, Cloud Watch, CloudFront, VPC, VPC Peering.

OSAM uses Route 53 for domain registration and S3 for database storage. Our team also chooses EC2 for flexible scaling and efficient management. With the support of Cloudfront, Anycar's system now has high availability, good scalability and flexible information processing. After applying Amazon Load Balancing, Anycar can also easily reduce operating performance during off-peak hours and divide customer requests to different servers to avoid system crashes during peak hours.



Le Quy Bao, CTO of Anycar shared: “After successfully applying AWS services, we were able to confidently expand our business and bring absolute satisfaction to our customers. The new system no longer causes us to worry about data loss.”

Applying master slave mechanism to the database helps the system to distribute read and write commands, ensuring system availability. In addition, Anycar's confidential data has been protected from dangers and complex attacks from the outside.

Finally, the system can distribute and evenly distribute requests to servers and automatically expand during peak hours, helping Anycar reduce operating costs by 20% and the system is ready to help businesses grow. .

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