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About Anycar

On 10 November 2010, Vietnam Anycar Joint Stock Company was established to meet the high demand for cars at that time. Total cost of owning a car was quite an obstacle for many Vietnamese families. Realizing the potential of used cars market, Anycar started focusing on trading used cars and services such as car inspection, car pricing evaluation and car repair services.

Anycar gradually grows stronger and now owns a chain of 4 big car centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. They aim to extend their market share and lead in the used cars market by adopting the digital transformation.


Anycar's strategy is to provide careful end-to-end customer service including both attracting new customers and maintaining loyal ones. Therefore they wanted a perfect system (including their website) to take care of their customers
considerately. In addition, as planning to expand their market throughout Vietnam, they needed a more scalable server storage platform.


Anycar implements common system, in which source codes, files of the company as well as their clients and database

management system are placed in just one server. This infrastructure was vulnerable, had low loadability and vertical expansion ability, which technically posed a threat to the entire system.

Furthermore, the website had not been set up with load balancing system, therefore it could not deliver requests from users to different servers during rush hours.

Due to the lack of master-slave replication, the system could not distribute the load among multiple slaves to improve database performance. In this environment, all write and read operations must take place on the server, which dramatically increased the risk of overloading.


Lastly, in the backend they did not use Content Delivery Network to cache static content and distribute service relative to end-users for providing high availability and high performance. Furthermore, with no firewall application to CDN, the system recorded data loss frequently.


The architects of OSAM, together with Anycar IT team, investigates in the system and analyzes all the pain points. It took the team 2 weeks to find out the system's weaknesses and come up with the solution to help Anycar optimize the cost.

After evaluating several ways to redesign the system, OSAM and Anycar IT Team chose to migrate the entire structure to AWS. In order to overcome the obstacles and strengthen the system, OSAM helped Anycar calculate the operation cost then applied managed services: Route 53, WAF, Application Load Balancer, EC2 — WebServer, Auto Scaling Group, RDS, S3, Cloud Watch, CloudFront, VPC, VPC Peering.

OSAM used Route 53 to handle domain registration and S3 for database storage. The team also realized EC2 was important for instance scaling and management. With the help of Amazon Cloudfront, Anycar's system delivers high availability, scalability and performance to all customers. By using Amazon Load Balancing, Anycar can scale down at low traffic and distribute customers' requests to different servers to prevent system freezing during peak time.


"We are confident that after using AWS services, our company can expand our business and bring great satisfaction to our customers. We are now no longer afraid of database loss." — said Bao Le, CTO of Anycar.

The application of master-slave replication to the database enables the system to distribute reading load to one or more slaves. This helps improve performance, high availability while reduces latency between application and database layer. Furthermore, "we are glad that Anycar is protected from sophisticated threat and other attacks". AWS Cloudfront makes sure that Anycar's most sensitive data is securely delivered.

Finally, Anycar's system can distribute requests to different servers to avoid overloading and scale up automatically in different peaks, which reduces the operating cost by 20%.


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