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Journey to the cloud with OSAM


About  30Shine

30Shine established in 2015, is one of the leading hair care salons in Vietnam. Applying technology to its business model, 30Shine not only increases revenue but also improves customer service, builds a positive and effective work culture for employees.

When 30Shine planned to expand from 30 to 300 stores, they recognized the need to find a stable technology platform that was ready for fast-growing needs.


30Shine owns a system that runs a physical server, which is difficult to manage and allocate resources, and does not have a mechanism for self-expanding the system. The stability of the system is not high, there are many problems in the infrastructure, and it consumes a lot of repair and warranty costs. Such a physical system condition of 30Shine cannot meet the purpose of scaling the business in a short time.

30Shine also does not have a data backup and restore mechanism, and has not built a security mechanism. If all data on the process and working efficiency of employees are hacked, the system will have difficulty in assessing human resources and allocating salaries accurately.


OSAM helps 30Shine restructure the system, separate parts from web, app, DB and apply Auto-scaling, ready to meet 30Shine's business expansion needs.

  • EC2 windows: Using EC2 as a web server and API server, the system uses additional features such as load balancing, auto scaling (Auto Scaling Group)

  • RDS: makes it easy for users to administer the database as well as without having to install it.

  • S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service): a cloud service that specializes in storage.

The system is reinforced with security rights, decentralizes rights for employees in the company, installs advanced management and security modes.

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After improvements, 30Shine's infrastructure on AWS has been redesigned with best practices, security standards, and future expansion. The system has achieved high stability and automatically expands during peak hours, ready to receive a large number of customers from the expanded store network.

The system is secured through AWS firewalls, data is backed up securely, ensuring the system is ready to serve and recoverable in the event of an unexpected failure.


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