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About 30Shine

30Shine was founded in 2015 and soon became one of the most well-known hair salon chains in Vietnam. 30Shine offers a full range of haircare services from simple haircuts to complex coloring and facial treatments. Unlike traditional salons, the company embraces technology as its core growth strategy and develops loyal followers across its social media channels.

30Shine focused on technology to provide first class service to their customers and create a productive working environment for their employees. By May 2018, the company had 40 stores with 1,400 employees throughout Vietnam. With monthly revenue over US$1.3 million and over 180,000 monthly customers, the company had ambitious growth plans.


30Shine provides an end-to-end service with a 7-step journey from booking online to rating the received service, all based on technology. A fully integrated internal app allows employees to check commissions and feedbacks from customers. The company disrupted the traditional haircare industry with technology-based haircare service and position technology to their competitive advantage.

When 30Shine decided to expand their business from 40 to 300-1000 salons across Vietnam with over 30,000 employees in the next 3 years, they required a more stable and highly available platform to facilitate their rapid expansion.

30Shine was using traditional physical servers with no capability to auto-scale to meet the peak demand. The traditional environment had high operational cost, lacked advanced security features, and frequent hardware malfunction made the servers unstable. "We had an aggressive growth plan but our system could not meet our demands. We were in need of a new platform that was secure, highly available and fault tolerant. We looked at cloud computing as an alternative" - said Ha Thanh Son, CTO of 30Shine


30Shine realized that the traditional environment needed redesign and architecture overhaul to be more cloud-native, and with the help of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner OSAM International Limited Company ("OSAM"), approached AWS to make this traditional environment more secure and reliable.


In the new design, Microsoft Windows-based web & API servers running on two Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) auto-scaling groups allow the platform to scale seamlessly with the load.


Microsoft SQL servers running on Amazon EC2 are used as the backend of the API servers. Amazon ElastiCache provides caching for frequently accessed data and reduces the load on database. To provide low latency access to end users, Amazon CloudFront is used as the CDN, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon 53) helps to securely collect, store, and analyze data at scale. Frequent backups of the databases and virtual machine snapshots are taken to quickly recover from incidents.


The new architecture enables 30Shine to seamlessly scale the infrastructure when their business grows. "The system reached a stable state and reduced the downtime by 90%. Compared to the previous on-premises environment, we now rarely receive complaints from customers about system issues" - said Thanh Son.

The new system has high stability and automatically scales during peak hours &weekends when the number of concurrent visitors increases dramatically. Compared to the old system, with the new system on AWS, 30Shine customers managed to save up to 50% of their time when making an appointment during weekends, leading to a 60% performance increase.

AWS helps 30Shine to adapt to new business situations and challenges. "AWS gives us tremendous flexibility in setting things up and experimenting. Being able to react quickly gives us a huge competitive advantage in terms of agility and accelerate our rapid growth plan" - said Thanh Son.


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